FabLab Workshops

What’s the FabLab you say? The FabLab is the Science Spectrum’s digital maker space that will offer introductions and advance programs to Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and prototyping with a laser cutter, 3D printers, and much more! Check out the awesome Fab Lab classes being offered this Summer! After completing a 101, 201, Adult Night or Camp Workshop, participants are eligible to participate in FabLab Design Days! If you’re looking to join the making community come join the FabLab’s Making Makers Club to explore making!

Stay tuned for upcoming FabLab workshops and classes!

FAB LAB is an all new hands-on STEAM education program that makes the world of technology accessible through creativity in a mobile Maker-space that can either come to you, or can be scheduled as a part of a visit to the Science Spectrum!

This mobile Maker-space gives students the opportunity to experience the STEAM-based Maker movement, and take their designs from computer screens to finished product using robotic machines.

Equipment Used in the Fab Lab Includes:

3D Printers

3D Pens

Laser Cutter

Vinyl Cutter

ShopBot Handibot

Computers & Software

Robotics & Drones

Fun construction materials

Fab Lab Programs:

Project Workshops:

(90 minutes+) for up to 16 participants at a time. Students work individually to design, then fabricate a unique project. Examples of projects include; acrylic cells, gliders, rubber band racers, dinosaurs, key tags and nametags, vinyl stickers and t-shirt decals. Projects can also be tailored to individual needs.

Engineering Challenges:

(2 hours+) for up to 30 participants at a time. Students work in teams to design, prototype, and test projects to meet an Engineering challenge. Examples would include fabricating a bridge to maneuver a robot across a river, or a delivery system for a drone to deliver a package. Students will be given time to prototype, test, and then redesign their project to better complete the challenge.

Custom Programs:

Speak with our FAB LAB team about custom designing a program that ties in with your current curriculum, and meets your goals.

FAB LAB is also available to come to your School Family Science or PTA Night, STEAM Events, & Community Festivals! We can set up quick, come-and-go style activities for large groups to enjoy.
For availability and pricing, please call 806-745-1216 Ext. 274 or email fablab@sciencespectrum.org

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