FAB LAB is an all new hands-on STEAM education program that makes the world of technology accessible through creativity in a mobile Maker-space that can either come to you, or can be scheduled as a part of a visit to the Science Spectrum!

This mobile Maker-space gives students the opportunity to experience the STEAM-based Maker movement, and take their designs from computer screens to finished product using robotic machines.

Equipment Used in the Fab Lab Includes:

3D Printers

3D Pens

Laser Cutter

Vinyl Cutter

ShopBot Handibot

Computers & Software

Robotics & Drones

Fun construction materials

Fab Lab Programs:

Project Workshops:

(90 minutes+) for up to 16 participants at a time. Students work individually to design, then fabricate a unique project. Examples of projects include; acrylic cells, gliders, rubber band racers, dinosaurs, key tags and nametags, vinyl stickers and t-shirt decals.  Projects can also be tailored to individual needs.

Engineering Challenges:

(2 hours+) for up to 30 participants at a time. Students work in teams to design, prototype, and test projects to meet an Engineering challenge.  Examples would include fabricating a bridge to maneuver a robot across a river, or a delivery system for a drone to deliver a package. Students will be given time to prototype, test, and then redesign their project to better complete the challenge.

Custom Programs:

Speak with our FAB LAB team about custom designing a program that ties in with your current curriculum, and meets your goals.

FAB LAB is also available to come to your School Family Science or PTA Night, STEAM Events, & Community Festivals!  We can set up quick, come-and-go style activities for large groups to enjoy.
For availability and pricing, please call 806-745-1216 Ext. 274 or email fablab@sciencespectrum.org

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